“It is with a deep-rooted conviction and with the historic expertise of our group that we strive every day to help build the present day and future Morocco. Whatever the size of the projects we develop, our values are immutable: quality, innovation, and a commitment to create harmony and a better living”. Abdelali BERRADA SOUNNI
Chairman of Bgroup



A forward-looking group

The Palmeraie group, now called Bgroup, was born more than 45 years ago from the vision of Mr. Abdelali BERRADA SOUNNI, who succeeded in building what is now one of Morocco’s largest groups.

For nearly half a century, the group has been preserving its authenticity, founding principles, innovation, quality and commitment. B Group has embraced modernity to maintain its leadership position in its various lines of business.

Initially specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of home textile products, the Group succeeded in meeting the changing economic requirements of its era, by adapting to change and by anticipating the challenges of the future. It diversified its businesses by developing and launching major tourism and real estate projects while continuing to develop its industrial sector.

Ever since, the common ground between all the Group’s achievements stemmed from its founders’ deeply rooted spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and determination to do well, to deliver quality over the long term.

A clear vision of its contribution to society

Innovation, quality and commitment line at the core of all the Group’s projects. These values permeate each line of business and constitute the linchpin for Bgroup’s development since its creation in the early 1960s.

These core values also define the B Group vision. These are based on:
  • Strengthening its leadership position in terms of product quality and innovation
  • Diversification of its lines of business by investing in sectors of vital importance for the future
  • Internationalization with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

Enhanced governance

In the framework of its new 2020 vision, Palmeraie Group, now known as Bgroup, has adopted a new organizational structure that will allow it to further develop the group and its current businesses, ensure sustainable performance, and develop new profitable business activities that are naturally consistent with the country’s social development and economic policies.

Bgroup, is the story of an exciting adventure to form a strong and independent family group, whose sustainability is ensured by an organizational structure based on 4 pillars:
  • The “B Group, Family Office”, in charge of articulating the group’s highly strategic orientations, and setting up and facilitating the family’s governance bodies. This entity is chaired by Mr. Abdelali BERRADA SOUNNI and has Mr. Hicham BERRADA SOUNNI and Mr. Saad BERRADA SOUNNI as Vice Chairs;
  • A Foundation which is the vehicle for major citizen actions, also chaired by Mr. Abdelali BERRADA SOUNNI. It embodies the company’s values;
  • Palmeraie Developpement which comprises Luxury Real Estate, Social and Intermediate Real Estate, and Hospitality and Leisure Activities. This structure aims to develop its business in Africa and is chaired by Mr. Hicham BERRADA SOUNNI;
  • Palmeraie Industries & Services which comprises Industrial and Distribution (Dolidol) businesses, as well as new businesses under development, namely, education, agriculture, quarries & mining. This group is chaired by Mr. Saad BERRADA SOUNNI.

A true industrial saga

Bgroup’s history is intimately entwined with that of its founder Mr. Abdelali BERRADA SOUNNI,with his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to establish a longstanding group.


1962 :

The B Group adventure began with shoes and leather goods business, two booming sectors at the time.

1972 :

BGroup makes its first major shift by venturing into bedding and polyurethane foam and started “UniconfortMarocDolidol”.

1977 :

Along the same lines, Dolidol incorporated the production of spring mattresses, in addition to the first products launched five years prior. As such, Dolidol became the generic mattress name according to Moroccan popular knowledge.

1980 :

The first major diversification for the Group,whichlaunched its first real estate project in Mohammedia with the “Résidences Dar Saada”. After this fruitful first try, and with the succession of projects, real estate gradually became the Group’s image.

1982 :

Two years after the launch of the “Résidences Dar Saada”, the Group treated itself to another emblematic project, with the “RésidencesMoulay Youssef”, already positioned in the luxury real estate segment.

1988 :

This year marks another turning point in the Group’s history. It became a pioneer in residential complexes with the launch of the “Jardins de la Palmeraie” project in Marrakech. As such, the Group opened up a new niche for the national real estate sector.

1993 :

Determined to support tourism in Morocco, described by the public authorities as a driver for economic growth, the Grouplaunched the “Palmeraie Golf Palace”, a large-scale tourist resort, the first of its kind in Morocco. This resort comprises a hotel, several restaurants, a shopping mall, a fitness center, and most importantly, Morocco’s first private 18-hole golf course.
These projects marked the creation of PalmeraieDéveloppementand helped the Group stand out in the real estate sector.

2001 :

“Résidences Dar Saada”, the subsidiary specialized in social and intermediate housing projects, was established.Intended to contribute to covering the housing deficit in Morocco following the royal will to address this crucial issue head on, Résidences Dar Saada distinguished itself by its quality products that were highly appreciated by buyers.

2007 :

To shed light on its products, the Group launched the label: EspacesSaada, which embodies the “city within a city” concept. A label which demonstrates a holistic approach to real estate and which integrates all aspects of community life, namely green spaces, schools, local shops, etc.

2008 :

Dolidol pursued its development with a major industrial site, allowing it to substantially expand its production capacity. Covering 25ha, this new industrial site located in Dar Bouazza (Casablanca) is home to the brand’s head office and its product lines.

2009 :

The Group launched its first integrated Resort in Casablanca “Jardins de l’Océan”, extending across29ha. The project is located on the road to Dar Bouazza. In the same year, the Group was reorganized and established Palmeraie Holding to oversee all of its businesses. These were structured around four distinct business units: Industry & Distribution, Tourism, Social and Intermediate Real Estate, and Luxury Real Estate. This reorganization was a first positive step towards the formal structuring of the Group.

2011 :

With promising prospectsin its two markets, Résidences Dar Saada increased its capital by a total amount of 900 million dirhams. The confidence inspired by this player in the social and intermediate real estate sectors attracted national and international institutional investors among its shareholders.

2013 :

Bgroup launched its Resort in Bouskoura, California Golf Resort and established Palmagri, the agricultural division of Palmeraie Industries et Services.

2014 :

The Group underwent a reorganization for the second time, following a major development of its business segments. Palmeraie Holding gave way to B Group, a Family Office which is better suited to the Group’s ambitions and to the necessity for strategic management. The Group is now structured into 2 divisions - PalmeraieDéveloppementandPalmeraie Industries & Services-. The Group has introduced other sectors of vital importance for the future, namely agriculture, education, mining & quarries.

2014 was a major milestone for the Group’s real estate division, particularly for Résidences Dar Saada which went public and raised more than 1.13 billion dirhams, representing 20% of the capital.

2015 :

PALMINES started its quarries business and PalmGolf Morocco was launched

2017 :

Création de Jobelsa Automotive, joint-venture entre Dolidol et l’équipementier automobile espagnol Jobelsa. Le Palmeraie Country Club également voit le jour.

2018 :

Résidences Dar Saada lance le « duplex social », une nouvelle génération de logement social.
De son côté, le groupe Palmeraie Développement crée Palmeraie Immobilier, une nouvelle marque d’immobilier de standing, et Palmeraie Contractors, un contractant général pour des projets intégrés clé en main.
Toujours cette même année, Uni Confort Maroc Dolidol ouvre son capital au fonds d’investissement britannique Development Partners International (DPI) pour une part de près de 20% et nomme à son conseil d’administration M. Salaheddine Mezouar, Président de la CGEM.
Enfin, Palmedu livre l’école belge de Rabat pour la rentrée 2018 / 2019


An ambitious growth strategy

Bgroup is currently articulating its development around its 2020 COURSE vision, based on the strengthening its leadership position in Morocco, the integration of other lines of business and internationalization.
These resolutions have become fully effective through the support of more than 6,500 loyal and passionate employees that are committed to the longevity of their Group.
With a presence in real estate, hospitality, industry, mines & quarries, agriculture and education, the group has an array of growth drivers to ensure its sustainability and is opening up to international markets with confidence.

Solid foundations for development

Driven by a strong and original corporate culture, Bgroup has robust strengths to pursue its development in Morocco and in Africa, both for its current lines of business and the sectors of vital importance for the future in which the Group intends to invest.

Key figures :

Additional creation by 2020 of
direct jobs
indirect jobs
Bgroup is planning almost
5.3 billion
dirhams in investments
in the 2020 horizon


Promoter and developer of real estate solutions

PalmeraieDéveloppement, the armed wing of B Group, manages all the real estate, tourism and delegated project management projects of B group. In fact, it is one of the leading real estate development players in Morocco, a designer and creator of high quality living spaces. By 2020, PalmeraieDéveloppementaimsto become a full-fledged developer, the primary agent of urban transformation in the country.
Also, in the framework of its2020 COURSE vision, PalmeraieDéveloppement has established several subsidiaries dedicated to specific lines of business. First, there is Palmeraie Hospitality Africa. Benefiting from the CFC status, the subsidiary manages all the Group’s offerings and projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. These include residential, hospitality and delegated management projects.

The Continent as a horizon

B Group has made the choice of prospecting new horizons by focusing on Africa. The continent constitutes a major growth driver for the Group’s businesses. B Group exports and shares the know-how and expertise it has accumulated over the past five decades with the continent.
In line with the Group’s expansion in Africa, Palmeraie Hospitality Africa and Palmeraie Contractors were established by PalmeraieDéveloppement. Palmeraie Hospitality Africa spearheads all of the PalmeraieDéveloppement projects on the continent and launched the construction of the Abidjan Plateau hotel with the Abidjan municipality and turned over the management to the Radisson Hotel Group. Les Espaces SAADA also launched a social real estate project comprising almost 2,000 housing units.
Palmeraie Contractors is a general contractor that handles the development of integrated turn-key projects.
With respect to Palmeraie Industries & Services, the Group launched its polyurethane foam production unit in 2017 in Côte d’Ivoire and is planning to pursue its international development in other countries.

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New promising areas of excellence

A leader in the Moroccan industrial sector, Palmeraie Industries & Services oversees all of B Group’s industrial projects and services. By strengthening its anchorage in the wake of the Industrial Acceleration Plan, this subsidiary is now moving into the global lines of business Morocco is undertaking.
Bois&Co is a company specialized in industrial woodworking and was established under Palmeraie Industries & Services. In addition to this business, Jobelsa Automotive, the prestigious provider of vehicle components for international car makers, was created. In fact, in only a year,JobelsaAutomotive succeeded in breaking into its market.
Also as part of its 2020COURSE strategy, Palmeraie Industries & Services launched Palmagri. This subsidiary fulfills the desire to contribute to the growth of Morocco’s agri-business sector, through exports of high value-added agricultural products.

Sectors of vital importance for the future of Morocco

On the other hand, Palmeraie Industries & Services has positioned itself in education and mining with Palmedu and Palmines. The former, Palmedu, is working towards the emergence of Moroccan talents and preparing future generations. The subsidiary is specialized in the construction of infrastructure and education services. Palmines, for its part, aims to position mining& quarries as an additional growth driver for the Group. The subsidiary has already acquired a portfolio of sites and has positioned itself as a major player in this sector. Currently the Group countsapproximately 4,000 employees. For more information, visit